Sea Turtle Mandala

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Feel the ocean vibes with this beautiful 7-layer Sea Turtle mandala. A perfect gift for the turtle-lover in your life or new decor piece to brighten your home.

This piece is made of 1/8 inches MDF and has 7 layers. MDF is an engineered wood product made from natural wood fibers. MDF is thinner and lighter than birch, which can make hanging large items easier.

Want custom colors? Send us an email ( and we will work with you to customize colors based on what we have available.


You need to describe all the colors you would like to be used and which layer is corresponding to each color. The mandala has 7 layers and the top on is considered the first one.

So, for example, the color design of the mandala in the pictures is:

1st layer - light blue
2nd layer - white
3rd layer - pink
4th layer - white
5th layer - green
6th layer - light blue
7th layer - green

Please follow the example above when making your personalization.